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Palange A.L., Mascolo D.D., Ferreira M., Gawne P.J., Spano R., Felici A., Bono L., Moore T.L., Salerno M., Armirotti A., Decuzzi P.
Boosting the Potential of Chemotherapy in Advanced Breast Cancer Lung Metastasis via Micro-Combinatorial Hydrogel Particles
Advanced Science
Tarricone G., Castagnola V., Mastronardi V., Cursi L., Debellis D., Ciobanu D.Z., Armirotti A., Benfenati F., Boselli L., Pompa P.P.
Catalytic Bioswitch of Platinum Nanozymes: Mechanistic Insights of Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenging in the Neurovascular Unit
Nano Letters
Munafo F., Nigro M., Brindani N., Manigrasso J., Geronimo I., Ottonello G., Armirotti A., De Vivo M.
Computer-aided identification, synthesis, and biological evaluation of DNA polymerase η inhibitors for the treatment of cancer
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 248
Brindani N., Munafo F., Menichetti A., Donati E., Nigro M., Ottonello G., Armirotti A., De Vivo M.
Design, synthesis, docking, and biochemical characterization of non-nucleoside SARS-CoV-2 RdRp inhibitors
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 80
Brindani N., Vuong L.M., Acquistapace I.M., La Serra M.A., Ortega J.A., Veronesi M., Bertozzi S.M., Summa M., Girotto S., Bertorelli R., Armirotti A., Ganesan A.K., De Vivo M.
Design, Synthesis, In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of CDC42 GTPase Interaction Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 66, (no. 8), pp. 5981-6001
Shirzad Kebria M.R., Bono L., Khoshhal Salestan S., Armirotti A., Carzino R., Athanassiou A., Fragouli D.
Efficient removal of perfluorobutanesulfonic acid from water through a chitosan/polyethyleneimine xerogel
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 466
Basagni F., Ortega J.A., Bertozzi S.M., Armirotti A., Summa M., Bertorelli R., Bartolini M., Mellor I.R., Bedeschi M., Bottegoni G., Lembo V., Minarini A., Cavalli A., Rosini M.
Galantamine-memantine hybrids for Alzheimer's disease: The influence of linker rigidity in biological activity and pharmacokinetic properties
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 261
Castagnola V., Deleye L., Podesta A., Jaho E., Loiacono F., Debellis D., Trevisani M., Ciobanu D.Z., Armirotti A., Pisani F., Flahaut E., Vazquez E., Bramini M., Cesca F., Benfenati F.
Interactions of Graphene Oxide and Few-Layer Graphene with the Blood-Brain Barrier
Nano Letters, vol. 23, (no. 7), pp. 2981-2990
Tolardo V., Romaldini A., Fumagalli F., Armirotti A., Veronesi M., Magri D., Sabella S., Athanassiou A., Fragouli D.
Polycarbonate nanoplastics and the in vitro assessment of their toxicological impact on liver functionality
Environmental Science: Nano
Liessi N., Tomati V., Capurro V., Loberto N., Garcia-Aloy M., Franceschi P., Aureli M., Pedemonte N., Armirotti A.
The combination elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor (ETI) modulates the de novo synthethic pathway of ceramides in a genotype-independent manner
Journal of Cystic Fibrosis
Pepe G., Capocci L., Marracino F., Realini N., Lenzi P., Martinello K., Bovier T.F., Bichell T.J., Scarselli P., Di Cicco C., Bowman A.B., Digilio F.A., Fucile S., Fornai F., Armirotti A., Parlato R., Di Pardo A., Maglione V.
Treatment with THI, an inhibitor of sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase, modulates glycosphingolipid metabolism and results therapeutically effective in experimental models of Huntington's disease
Molecular Therapy, vol. 31, (no. 1), pp. 282-299
Rancati S., Pereira R.C., Schlich M., Macchi F., Ghibaudi M., Pelizzoli R., Braccia C., Lo Van A., Pons-Espinal M., Palange A.L., Bajetto A., Daga A., Armirotti A., Florio T., Decuzzi P., De Pietri Tonelli D.
A nanoformulated 11-microRNA pool boosting overall survival in the treatment of glioblastoma via synergistic modulation of the tumor microenvironment
EMBO Workshop | "Neural stem cells: From basic understanding to translational applications" 5-9 June —Kyllini, Greece
Poster Conference
Tuccinardi D., Di Mauro A., Lattanzi G., Rossini G., Monte L., Beato I., Spiezia C., Bravo M., Watanabe M., Soare A., Kyanvash S., Armirotti A., Bertozzi S.M., Gastaldelli A., Pedone C., Khazrai Y.M., Pozzilli P., Manfrini S.
An extra virgin olive oil-enriched chocolate spread positively modulates insulin-resistance markers compared with a palm oil-enriched one in healthy young adults: A double-blind, cross-over, randomised controlled trial
Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, vol. 38, (no. 2)
Braccia C., Christopher J.A., Crook O.M., Breckels L.M., Queiroz R.M.L., Liessi N., Tomati V., Capurro V., Bandiera T., Baldassari S., Pedemonte N., Lilley K.S., Armirotti A.
CFTR Rescue by Lumacaftor (VX-809) Induces an Extensive Reorganization of Mitochondria in the Cystic Fibrosis Bronchial Epithelium
Cells, vol. 11, (no. 12)
Romeo E., Saccoliti F., Bandiera T., Reggiani A., Liessi N., Armirotti A., Pastorino C., Pedemonte N., Bertozzi F.
Characterization of corrector ARN23765 mechanism of action via Photo-Affinity Labeling (PAL) approach
17th ECFS Basic Science Conference Albufeira (Portugal)
Poster Conference