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I am a junior researcher with a background in computer modeling of physical, chemical and biomolecular systems. I have been developing different models and scientific codes during my master studies and PhD where I have mainly worked on condensed matter physics with both atomistic simulations and continuum models. 

Today, I am working on the development of HPC applications in biophysical systems which are relevant to the identifications of binding sites on proteins. Currently, my main research interest is the development and integration of Machine Learning tools in physical systems. I am particularly interested in  Reinforcement Learning techniques. 

All Publications
Gagliardi L., Pierre-Louis O.
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Gagliardi L., Pierre-Louis O.
The nonequilibrium crystallization force
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Gagliardi L., Pierre-Louis O.
Crystal growth in nano-confinement: Subcritical cavity formation and viscosity effects
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Article Journal
Gagliardi L., Pierre-Louis O.
Thin film modeling of crystal dissolution and growth in confinement
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